Richard Ⅲ – Loyalty binds me


Program Information

Genre / City Theatre / Limoges
Dates 28 April at 13:00, 29 April at 13:00, 30 April at 11:00
Venue At BOX Theatre, Shizuoka Performing Arts Park
Duration 130 minutes
Language In French with Japanese subtitles
seat Non-reserved seat
Directed by Jean LAMBERT-WILD, Lorenzo MALAGUERRA and Gérald GARUTTI
Production Théâtre de l’Union-Centre Dramatique National du Limousin

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Welcome to mystery in Grand Guignol style

Based on SHAKESPEARE’s great work, and created by the renowned enfant terrible of French theatre, Jean LAMBERT-WILD, this piece for two actors finds the playwright himself dressed as a clown in the role of Richard, desperate for the crown of England, while his compatriot Laure WOLF brilliantly acts various other characters.
In addition, the contemporary artist Stéphane BLANQUET — whose warped style of drawing has many fans around the world — is in charge of the jack-in-a-box style of sets. As these gradually transform into the gorgeously colored small stage of a sleazy Grand Guignol-style theatre reveling in gore and horror — psychological games played out like childish tricks come to reveal a deep isolation behind the king’s mad behavior. Surely, however, it will be a hard-hearted audience member who’s not won over (even a bit) by one of the Bard’s most charming monsters.

Director’s Profile

© Thierry Laporte

Jean LAMBERT-WILD is an author, actor and director who was born in 1972 on the island of Réunion, a department of France in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar. Upon moving to mainland France in 1990, he settled in Lyon and studied philosophy there at the Jean Moulin University Lyon III. After graduation he started his theatre career as assistant to numerous directors, including Michel DUBOIS, Jean-Yves LAZENNEC, Matthias LANGHOFF and Philippe GOYARD. Over the years, he has continued to create an imaginative autobiographical work titled “Calentures,” in which he acts a clown character and draws on his native Réunion Creole language as well as his extensive worldwide travels — both of which also influence many of his other creations. In 1997 he founded the Coopérative 326 company with composer Jean-Luc THERMINARIAS, working together with him until 2006, after which he directed several works between 2007–14 at the Comédie de Caen. He then shifted his focus in 2014 to the Centre dramatique National du Limousin and the École Nationale Supérieure de Théâtre du Limousin, where he has been busy since.
At SPAC, LAMBERT-WILD performed The Goat of Monsieur Seguin in 2011 and The Splendour and Lassitude of Captaine Iwatani Izumi in 2014, with both drawing great responses from audiences and critics alike. His next work will be coming in 2019.
In 2014 he was made a Chevalier de l’ordre des arts et lettres by the French minister of culture.


◎Pre-performance talk: Starting 25 minutes before each performance

Cast / Staff


Directed by Jean LAMBERT-WILD, Lorenzo MALAGUERRA and Gérald GARUTTI
Based on “Richard III” by William SHAKESPEARE
Translation and adaptation: Jean LAMBERT-WILD and Gérald GARUTTI
Live electronics, synthesizers and spatialization: Jean-Luc THERMINARIAS
Scenography: Stéphane BLANQUET and Jean-LAMBERT-WILD
Lighting: Renaud LAGIER
Costume: Annick SERRET AMIRAT

Performed by: Laure WOLF and Jean LAMBERT-WILD

Production: Théâtre de l’Union-Centre Dramatique National du Limousin

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