[Important] Measures for Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 and Requests to All Visitors

Please read below if you are visiting the World Theatre Festival 2022 or have a ticket for Gilgamesh directed by Satoshi Miyagi (SPAC) at Open-air Performing Arts Festival under Mt. Fuji 2022.
Please scroll down and read the Measures for Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 and Requests to All Visitors prior to your visit.

Measures for Preventing the Spread of COVID-19 and Requests to All Visitors
At SPAC, all programs are now held in accordance with Shizuoka Prefecture’s COVID-19 Response Policy and the Association of Public Theaters and Halls in Japan’s COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines for Theaters and Concert Halls. We would appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we follow these guidelines.
[Requests to All Visitors]
■ Please refrain from visiting SPAC if you have any of the following conditions.
● A fever of 37.5℃ or above, coughing, sneezing, a sore throat, taste and smell disorders, fatigue, difficulty breathing, or any other concerns about your physical condition.
● If someone living at your home or someone at your workplace, school, etc. has been diagnosed with or is likely to have been infected with COVID-19.
● If you have returned to Japan within the period stipulated by the government from a country or region for which an entry restriction is imposed or a post-arrival observation period is required, or if you have had close contact with a person from such a country or region.

*Customers who refrained from coming to SPAC due to a fever or illness, or due to concern about the spread of COVID-19 around the country, can receive a refund for their tickets. Please contact the SPAC Ticket Center (TEL.054-202-3399) for details on the procedures.
(Although cancelation, change of schedule, and repayment are unaccepted once payment for tickets has been made, we will make an exception and accept repayment as a special measure for this occasion.)
When you are visiting SPAC
● Please wear a mask in the Shizuoka Performing Arts Park and Sumpujo Park. Visitors without masks will not be allowed into the venue area.
● Please make sure to wash and disinfect your hands frequently enough. (Disinfectant solutions are available in the park.)
● Please keep a distance of at least 1 meter between you and other visitors in the park and the auditorium.
● To prevent droplet infection, please refrain from talking loudly in the park and the auditorium.
● When another visitor is passing in front of you while you are seated, please be sure to avoid contact with each other.
● The cloakroom at each venue is basically unavailable. Only large luggage can be kept at the reception.
● Eating and drinking in the venue is permitted in Cafe Cinderella of Shizuoka Arts Theatre, free café space “KACHI KACHI YAMA” in Shizuoka Performing Arts Park, and the “Festival garden” in the Sumpujo Park. Please refrain from having an active conversation when eating or drinking. Also, please refrain from eating and drinking in the venue other than the above places (drinking water in the audience seating area is permitted).
● The entrance may be crowded immediately before and after the opening of the auditorium. Please make sure to arrive at the theater well ahead of the opening time.
● We ask our visitors to exit the theater in groups at different timings. Please follow the instructions of the staff when exiting the theater.
● Contact with actors and other staff members of the performance, such as visiting them at the theater or dressing rooms or waiting for them outside the theater, is strictly prohibited. We accept gifts for actors and staff members at the reception.
・We may provide your personal information registered at the time of reservation, including your name and address, to healthcare centers and other public institutions. If the person who made the reservation is not attending the performance, we ask those who actually come to the venue to provide and register their information on site.
・We recommend that you install the COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application (COCOA) provided by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.
・We check all visitors for a fever with a thermal imaging camera or a non-contact thermometer upon entry. If your temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees Celsius, you will be asked to refrain from entering the theater. In such a case, your ticket will be fully refunded.
・Entry may take longer than usual due to inspections. Please be sure to arrive at the venue well ahead of time.
・You will be asked to tear your ticket yourself after checking by the theater staff. Also, visitors using Mobapass electronic tickets will be asked to operate the system themselves.
・Please note that if you do not seem to feel well, our staff may come and talk to you if it is during the program. Please also note that once you leave the auditorium as you are not feeling well, you may not re-enter the theater later on. We would appreciate your understanding.
[Our Initiatives]
・All performers and related staff members measure their body temperature before the start of work, strive to keep themselves in good physical condition, and make sure to wash their hands thoroughly.
・All receptionists and guidance staff wear a face shield or mask.
・A tabletop partition is installed at the reception.
・We are enhancing disinfection and cleaning of the areas which our staff and visitors may touch.
・The seats in each venue will be disinfected every day during the program period.
・We will secure a sufficient distance between the audience and the actors on stage.
・We ask all visitors to leave the seat on either side empty when they sit on a bench in the lobby.
・We have excluded any stage production elements that involve acting in the auditorium area.

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