Open-air Performing Arts Festival under Mt. Fuji 2023


Program Information

Genre / City Theatre・Performance / Shizuoka
Dates 4-6 May at 11:00
Venue at Higashi Gomon- Square, Sumpujo Park
Duration 40 minutes
Language In Japanese
Seat Non-reserved seating
Direction Worry KINOSHITA

For more information, please visit “STRANGE SEED SHIZUOKA” website.


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Director’s profile

Born in 1971, Worry KINOSHITA became involved with theatre as a student at Kobe University, where he founded the Gekidan Sekai Ichidan company (now named Sunday). He is known for being good at blending music and images into his work.
Kinoshita founded and produces the non-verbal performance company THE ORIGINAL TEMPO, with which he has gained a widespread following, especially overseas. At the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe, for instance, its “Shut Up, Play!” got a five-star review, and has been invited to more than 10 international theatre festivals. In addition, Kinoshita has also collaborated as a director with South Korean and Slovenian theatre companies.
In April 2018, he became the performing arts Program Director of Kobe Art Village Center, and later directed the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Paralympics 2020. Recently, he has also directed the plays “Shukushuku to Unshin” and “Bakuman,” as well as a new “hyper projection” style of theatre in his work “Haikyuu!!.”

Cast / Staff

Playwright, direction, construction, and design: Worry KINOSHITA
Choregraphy, direction and cast: IIMURO Naoki, KANAI Keisuke, KUROKI Natsumi, TOMITA Masanori
Music: YOSHIDA Takashi


*Performances will be held even if it rains. Please confirm by visiting Twitter (@strangeseed_SSS) if it heavy rains.

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