Granship Kodomo-no-kuni (Kid’s land) cooperative project


Program Information

Genre / City Dance / Paris
Dates 5 May at 11:00
Venue at The sixth-floor Reception Hall, Granship
Duration 40 minutes
Seat Non-reserved seating
Direction, choreography and performance Merlin Nyakam

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© Peggy Riess
© Peggy Riess
© Peggy Riess


Is this a dance, or some kind of ceremony? Merlin Nyakam’s magical world returns to SPAC.

The dancer and choreographer Merlin Nyakam was born in Cameroon, but is now a popular artist based in Paris. He has worked with SPAC since 2010 with his enormously popular SPAC-ENFANTS dance project for junior and high-school students.

This time, he dances “Mami Watta”, a magical piece based on African myth that showcases the massive, happy energy of his choreography, while his amazing solo performance touches us as a mysterious theatre experience.


Goddess of the sea Mami Watta is basically very kind and charming, but she occasionally becomes cruel. The captivating movements of the dance inspired by snakes invite us into the imaginative world of metamorphosis. There, all identities can be switched, lose their forms and be reborn, and anyone can find their own place. Nyakam brings African spirit together with inspiration from Kabuki drawn from his time spent staying in Japan to create a new form of expression for a traditional ceremony.

Director’s profile

© Rakkana Poulard

Merlin Nyakam
International artist, Merlin Nyakam was at 16 years old one of the pillars of the National Ballet of Cameroon, awarded by the Ministry of Culture in his country. After moving to France in the 1990s, he worked with numerous choreographers and spread his wings as well as in contemporary dance. He joined the Company Montalvo-Hervieu in 1997 and animated their universe with his creativity as a dancer, singer and actor, participating in most of their creations until 2018.
Heir to an African spirituality, Merlin also developed his inspiration in Japan and proposes a global theater – danced, sung, and acted – that renews the universal ritual forms.
Merlin multiplies other artistic collaborations and travels throughout the world. Since 2010, hi is a guest artist of the SPAC in Shizuoka, Japan. Each year, he leads an international collaborative project SPAC-ENFANTS with a group of teenagers that he assembles and trains. He created “Le Rêve de Takase” in 2010, “Angels” in 2014, “Yumemiru Chikara (Stay dreaming)” in 2018, which was presented at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre and “Reborn” in 2022.


*Ticket reservations and pickup are required for high school students and younger, although the show is free of charge.
*Children under 1 year are not allowed to see this program.

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