The Threepenny Opera

Ilustration: IWABUCHI Ryuko

Program Information

Genre Musical Theatre
Dates 24 April at 18:00, 25 April at 18:00
Venue At Higashigomon Square, Sumpujo Park
Duration 120 minutes
Language In Japanese with Japanese subtitles
seat Non-reserved seating
Direction Giorgio Barberio CORSETTI
Production SPAC-Shizuoka Performing Arts Center
© Y. Inokuma
© Y. Inokuma
© HIRAO Masashi
© HIRAO Masashi


Let’s laugh at humans’ stupidity and unending desires!
A knockabout musical comedy of life in this chaotic society.

One of the most influential modern plays, “The Threepenny Opera” by the German playwright Bertolt BRECHT (1898–1956), is among the most frequently staged works worldwide. Set in a slum where the anti-hero, a violent criminal named Macheath, is trying to get married to the daughter of a crooked merchant, Mr. Peachum, the play shows the men repeatedly cheating each other until, in a reversal of fortunes, the drama arrives at an unexpected happy ending.
In the literature department at SPAC, OOKA Jun translated the play using a mix of the traditional Japanese seven-and-five-syllable poetry style and occasional rap to refashion the original 1928 German play-with-music into this exciting contemporary Japanese-language drama.
In addition, the great Italian theatre and opera director Giorgio Barberio CORSETTI superbly added comedy elements to help create what is now a truly remarkable and unforgettable entertainment work — even though its standout musical ingredient remains the familiar “Mac the Knife” tune by Kurt WEIL.
The production had its world premiere — with actors selected by open audition — at the Tokyo Festival 2018 in Ikebukuro outside the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre. This time it will be performed — as the “2021 Shizuoka version” — on a special open-air stage in Sumpujo Park in Shizuoka City.
Just don’t be too surprised if you find all kinds of absurdities from contemporary life here, too — including humans’ insatiable desire, hunger for power and social divisions.


The play is set in a slum in London from where Mr. Peachum, the shady owner of a shop called the Beggar’s Friend, controls all the city’s beggars and other scoundrels to get them to earn money for him. Meanwhile his daughter Polly falls in love with the lady-killer criminal Macheath and they get married. Then Mr. Peachum sends a spy to their home, threatens to get the police onto them, and tries every way he can to break them up. Finally, Macheath is arrested and is being sent to the gallows …

Cast / Staff

Direction: Giorgio Barberio Corsetti
Text: Bertolt Brecht
Music: Kurt Weill
Translation: OOKA Jun

Music direction and arrangement: HARADA Keiko
Costume design: SAWATAISHI Kazuhiro
Media direction: Igor Renzetti, Lorenzo Bruno

Jonathan Jeremiah Peachum: HIROKAWA Mitsunori
Filch/Ede: YAMAZAKI Koji
Celia Peachum: KATSURA Takakiyo
Matthias: MIYASHITA Yasuyuki
Macheath: GOTO Hideki
Polly Peachum: MORIYAMA Fuyuko
Jacob: KONAGAYA Katsuhiko
Robert/constable: AYADA Shoichi
Smith/Jimmie: NUMATA Seima
Walter/constable: KIKUZAWA Masanori
Brown: YANAI Yusuke
Jenny/prostitute: SAKAKIBARA Yuumi
Jenny/prostitute: SUZUKI Mariko
Jenny/prostitute: SHINOHARA Kazumi

Piano: MEGURI Yumiko
Synthesizer: ABE Daiki (Accordion part), TANAKA Ichiyu
Conducting and Percussion: HARADA Keiko

Stage manager: WATANABE Keisuke
Assistant director: NAKANO Masaki, MORIYAMA Marie
Stage: SUGIYAMA Yuri, MORIBE Rio, TSUCHIYA Katsunori
Lighting design: OSAKO Koji
Lighting operation: HANAWA Yuuki
Lighting: MIZUNO Hikaru, KATO Etsuko
Sound design: MAKISHIMA Koji (S.C.ALLIANCE)
Sound: MICHIYAMA Tomomi (S.C.ALLIANCE), WADA Masashi, OTSUKI Minori
Scenery: FUKASAWA Eri, SATO Yosuke, YOSHIDA Yuna
Video: TAKEZAWA Akira
Costume: AMANO Yasuha, TAKABAYASHI Kenji
Makeup: MOTEGI Tomoya, SHIMIZU Miho, IMAI Tomoko
Wardrobe: SEI Chigusa, SATO Rise, MAKINO Saho
Costume cooperated by KATO Tomomi, OGASAWARA Yoshie
Assistant costume designer: KIRIGANE Miki
Singing coach: Franz Naoko
Interpretation: ISHIKAWA Wakae
Technical director: MURAMATSU Atsushi
Lightning manager: HIGUCHI Masayuki
Sound manager: SAWADA Yukino

Volunteers: HIRATSUKA Keiko, FUJITA Yasushi, MATSUURA Yasumasa, MIYAHARA Junko
Producion: KEIMI Aoi, KUGA Haruko, KITAHORI Ruka, SAKANAKA Toshiki

General artistic director: MIYAGI Satoshi
Managing director: NARUSHIMA Yoko
Production section manager: OISHI Takako

Cooperated by
Power supply: SANKO Co., Ltd.
Lighting: US
Venue: ART UNION Inc.
Lighting equipment: Marumo Electric Co.,Ltd
Musical instrument: Shizuoka Nishi High School

Premiere: Tokyo Festival 2018
Produced by SPAC- Shizuoka Performing Arts Center

Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan
Approved by Fujinokuni Arts Festival


*Admission to auditorium is restricted to children of school age and over.
*Seats with no backrest
*Performances will be held even if it rains. As the use of umbrellas is not permitted during a performance, please ensure you have suitable rainwear. You are also advised to bring warm clothes for night performances at this time of year.

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