Open-air Performing Arts Festival under Mt. Fuji 2023

Woman with Flower

Program Information

Genre / City Vertical Dance / Seoul
Dates 4-6 May
Venue at Mainichi Ezaki Building
Duration 30 minutes
Direction AN Euisuk
Production Creative Dandi

For more information, please visit “STRANGE SEED SHIZUOKA” website.


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Director’s profile

AN Euisuk
AN Euisuk is a first-generation vertical performer in Korea. She is a founding member and lead performer of Korea’s representative aerial and vertical performance group Creative Dandi. She has appeared in all of Creative Dandi’s performances, including <Dandi’s Fable>, <The Return of Butterfly>, <Promise of the Moon>, and <Light of Peace>, and in particular, she performed in Korea, UK, Poland and Australia with <Frameshift>, an international co-production with Australian company. She directed <Woman with Flower> and performed in many festivals in Korea and Taiwan. Recently, she directed <Stendhal Syndrome>.

Cast / Staff

Director: AN Euisuk
Choreographer: KIM Ji Joung, AN Euisuk
Technical Director: HWANG Sungtak
Technical Assistant: KIM Min Tae
Performer: KIM Ji Joung, PARK Jaehyeon, KO Kyungmin, LEE Minyoung
Producer: LEE Rhan Hee

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