Festival bar / Festival garden

Festival bar / Festival garden

The Festival bar in Shizuoka Performing Arts Park and the Festival garden in the Sumpujo Park are produced by “snd Café” owner YUNOKI Yasuhiro. Both venues will serve local beers, home-roast coffee, original sweets and snacks. Both will be great places to meet and chat with artists and audience members from all over the world.

Festival bar

Dates: 28, 30 April (17:00–22:00)
Venue: At Cafeteria ”KACHI-KACHI,” Shizuoka Performing Arts Park
Charter bus: A free bus service will run from Shizuoka Performing Arts Park to Higashi-Shizuoka Station, departing 15min after the show ”Ode to Joy” ended, running at 45-minute intervals.

Festival garden

Dates: 3, 4, 5, 6 May (11:00–18:50)
Venue: At Higashi-gomon Square, Sumpujo-Park
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