Festival cafe & bar

Festival bar
© F4.5, Natsumi Makita
© F4.5, Natsumi Makita
© F4.5, Natsumi Makita

The Festival cafe & bar in Mini Museum THEATRON is located the entrance of Shizuoka Performing Arts Park. It will be great place to meet and chat with artists and audience members from all over the world. Produced by “snd Café” owner YUNOKI Yasuhiro.

*The Mini-Museum “THEATRON” is free to enter and is open every day during the festival. (27 April – 6 May / 10:00-18:00)

Dates: April 27, 28 (11:00–22:00)
April 29 (11:00–18:00)
Venue: At Cafeteria ”KACHI-KACHI,” Shizuoka Performing Arts Park
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