The Kitchen of Click-Clack Mountain

Program Information

Genre / City Participatory Theatre / Shizuoka
Dates 27 April at 12:30, 28 April at 12:30, 29 April at 12:30
Meeting place At MM THEATRON at 12:20
Venue at Shizuoka Performing Arts Park, and more
Duration Within 120 minutes
Language In Japanese with no surtitles
Seat Non-reserved seating
Direction ISHIGAMI Natsuki
Production SPAC-Shizuoka Performing Arts Center

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Tour performance with snacks

This will be a unique theatre experience for participants to explore the Shizuoka Performing Arts Park with their eyes, ears, feet … and also their taste buds.

This tour performance is designed so audiences can enjoy nature and wholesome foods in Shizuoka based on the folklore tale “Kachi Kachi Yama”, which is popular across society despite actually being a cruel revenge story.

Shizuoka Performing Arts Park is on Mt. Udo, which has lots of picturesque spots such as the Nihondaira area where wild boar and raccoon dogs live. In this program, participants stroll around Mt. Udo and learn about the area while eating snacks.

This is the director ISHIGAMI Natsuki’s third work at SPAC following MISHIMA Yukio’s “Yoroboshi” in 2022 and TANIZAKI Junichiro’s “Otsuya no Koi” in 2023.

This time, she creates a tour performance along the lines of others she has done elsewhere, using the Shizuoka Performing Arts Park area as a stage from which participants pick up things found in nature to give them something different from their daily lives. 

Director’s profile

© Kuroha Masashi

Playwright, working mainly in the company “Pepin” from 1999. She works on plays and art-projects expressing peopleʼs alternative behaviors in cities and communities in Japan and abroad. Her recent activities include: directing Stage Art Sector in “Culture City of East Asia 2019 Toshima,” writing and staging “Oesiki Project Tour Performance ʻBEAT,ʼ” being Guest Curator for ADAM Artist Lab in Taipei Arts Festival 2019, directing “Theatre Today” in On Stage Shizuoka (FY2021) and directing “Yoroboshi” in 2022, “Otsuya’s Love” in 2023 at SPAC.

Cast / Staff

Written and Directed by ISHIGAMI Natsuki

Cast:ISHII Moemi, OUCHI Tomomi, KONAGAYA Katsuhiko, YAMAZAKI Koji, YOSHIMI Ryo /
URUSHIBATA Kohsuke(Oboe, 27 and 28 April), YOSHIDA Masatoshi(Trumpet, 29 April)

Installation: MOTOHARA Reico
Stage Manager: WATANABE Keisuke
Sound: WADA Masashi
Wardrobe: TAKAHASHI Kayako
Food: OGAWA Satomi [Sanagi Shokudo]
Serving of Japanese Green Tea: OKAWA Masayo
Tour Guide Assistant: KOBAYASHI Reo, SOMA Chihaya, HASEGAWA Yoshiho
Volunteers: HIROHATA Ichiro, MATSUURA Yasumasa, YAMAMOTO Yukie
Production: TANJI Haru, NAGAI Sayako

Special Thanks: TATARA Norihide, Hirasawa Kannon / Heitaku Temple(NAKASONE Shinnan, HIRAISHI Shinko), yoshito fuwaku, Pepin Structural Designs(SATOMI Yusuke, SHIMODA Tomonori, NAKAZAWA Daisuke), MASUDA Sakuichiro, MATSUMOTO Akira, MATSUMOTO Yutaka, MORI Shigeru, YAGI Takao

Managing Director: NARUSHIMA Yoko
Technical Director: MURAMATSU Atsushi
Lighting Manager: HIGUCHI Masayuki
Sound Manager: SAWADA Yukino

Production: Shizuoka Performing Arts Center(SPAC)


*With this tour performance, snacks are provided. (Please join it after having lunch.)
*Each participant strolls the Shizuoka Performing Arts Park with a group of around 10 people. If you participate with your friends or family, we will intentionally put you in separate groups. If there is any problem with that, please tell us in advance.
* Participants stroll while wearing earphones or headphones. 
* Please tell us beforehand if you want to join the tour with preschool children.
*Tours will continue if it’s drizzling, but when the weather is bad they will be canceled. As the use of umbrellas is not permitted during a performance, please ensure you have suitable rainwear.
*We strongly recommend that you wear trekking shoes or rain shoes for this performance, because participants walk on mountain slopes and steps that are sometimes muddy.

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