Open-air Performing Arts Festival under Mt. Fuji 2024

The Road to Heaven

Program Information

Genre / City Contemporary circus / Seoul
Dates 4 May at 17:30, 5 May at 17:30, 6 May at 17:30
Venue Roving performance(from Shizuoka Prefectural Office to Sumpu Castle Park)
Duration 40 minutes
Production BONG n JOULE

For more information, please visit “STRANGE SEED SHIZUOKA” website.

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Walk, climb, fall, and climb again. A story woven through the interplay of bodies, poles, and music.

A man’s way to the sky (heaven), constantly walking, climbing and falling.
From a distance, a man is walking closer with a long pole on his shoulders. This man, walks with the pole, rides it to climb somewhere, and even sings with it. After some time, he sets the pole vertically and starts to climb to the highest place, the heaven…
THE ROAD TO HEAVEN is the story of a young man who constantly climbs on the pole. By this simple story of a man who climbs up and down in an irregularly repeating motion, the audience gets to reflect on one’s own city life.
It is a ‘contemporary-circus’ created by collaboration of ‘Chinese-pole’, a circus art, and Korean traditional performing art.


BONG n JOULE is a creative circus group that was founded by Ahn Jae Hyun in 2015, who completed the circus specialist training course at Seoul Street Art Center and later learned Chinese Pole and Tight Wire.
BONG n JOULE’s aim is to create a contemporary circus through the combination of circus art and other genres while focusing on the fragile part of human being behind the circus technique which looks splendid. Time and space where symbolic beings are mixed in reality is called ‘Heterotopia’.
Through the symbolic presence of the circus art, ‘Heterotopia’ will implement on the stage and we’ll see how the daily routine looks different from its viewpoint.

Cast / Staff

Performer: Ahn Jaehyun

Jo Wonseok

International Coordinator: Youngsun Cho


*This event will be held in the case of light rain. Please confirm on their Twitter feed (@strangeseed_sss) whether it is being held or not if the weather is uncertain.

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