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Program Information

Genre / City Dance / Oslo
Dates 3 May at 12:30, 4 May at 12:30
Venue At Shizuoka Arts Theatre
Duration 120 minutes (with intermission)
Language In English and Spanish with Japanese subtitles
seat Reserved seat
Directed and choreographed by Alan LUCIEN ØYEN
Production Winter Guests
© Erik BERG
© Erik BERG
© Erik BERG


A collaboration bridging continents in dance

This joint creation of the remarkable 78-year-old flamenco dancer KOJIMA Shoji and the world-famous young Argentinian-born contemporary dancer-choreographer Daniel PROIETTO includes elements of flamenco, contemporary and also Kabuki-style dance.While it traces the quite different artistic roots of both these performers, it’s clear that this piece, directed here by the famed Norwegian writer, director and choreographer Alan LUCIEN ØYEN — whose latest work will be staged in June by Germany’s prestigious Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina BAUSCH — is also groping for truths underlying all dance.
In its search that also questions audiences about their identities and memories, the fascinating work promises to be a memorable experience — and not just for the wonderful chance to witness KOJIMA’s charismatic performance on an aesthetic stage of tranquil beauty and colorful light.

Director’s Profile

© Massimo LEARDINI

Alan LUCIEN ØYEN is one of the most exciting artists from Norway today, whose work as writer, director and choreographer has been highly acclaimed in his home country and abroad.
As the son of a dresser, ØYEN grew up in a small theatre, Den Nationale Scene, established by IBSEN himself, in the town of Bergen, Norway. Here he would watch theatre religiously from the age of 7: classical productions as well as contemporary masterworks like the very first world premieres from Norwegian playwright Jon FOSSE.
At the age of 17 he went on to study Ballet with Hungarian ballet master and Marinsky graduate Peter TORNEY, whom he studied with for two years before being accepted into the State School of Art in Oslo where he graduated as a dancer in 2001.
ØYEN spent his first years as a dancer with The Norwegian National Contemporary dance company, Carte Blanche, where he met American choreographer Amanda MILLER, he later went on to join her company Pretty Ugly in Köln in 2005.
ØYEN choreographed his first piece excerpts of citation without context in 2004, a solo dealing with the over-exposure of information in modern day society based on Jean BEUDRILLARD’s essay Ecran Totale (Screened Out).
By 2006 ØYEN had already established his own company winter guests – a multidisciplinary company bringing together actors, dancers, writers, set designers and technicians, touring theatrical works in English for the international stage. Since 2009 his plays for winter guests has been written and developed together with British playwright and director Andrew WALE.
Whether it’s theatre, dance or film, ØYEN’s works have a highly emotional and dramatic drive. His choreographic language is complex and technically challenging. His works are informed by the world around him which allows him to draw inspiration from a myriad of sources including high art and popular culture as well as personal conversations and experiences – always in pursuit of a sincere and human expression.
ØYEN has won several awards, both for his choreographic works as well as his theatre productions. His six hour long play Coelacanth, (co-written with Andrew WALE), won him the prestigious HEDDA Award, (Norwegian Theatre Awards), for Best Original Play, as well as three other nominations including Best Director and Best Play.
As Artist in Residence with the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet, ØYEN is given the space and freedom for himself and his company winter guests, to make groundbreaking theatre and dance performances in the stunning new Norwegian Opera House.
Besides his work for winter guests, ØYEN is also commissioned to create work for companies in Norway and abroad. His most recent productions, his staging of Swedish playwright Lars NORÉN’s As the Leaves of Vallombrosa for Det Norske Teatret in Oslo, as well has Kodak, (which he wrote, choreographed and directed), for the Gothenburg Opera’s Dance Company, received great critical acclaim.
ØYEN will be one of the first two guest choreographer commissioned to create a full-length piece for Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina BAUSCH premiering June 2018.
ØYEN and winter guests receives annual funding from the Norwegian Arts Council and has been generously supported since 2004.


◎Post-performance talk by the artists: 3 May

Cast / Staff

Directed and choreographed by Alan LUCIEN ØYEN
Kabuki choreography and Music“Natsue” by FUJIMA Kanjuro
Performed and choreographed by KOJIMA Shoji, Daniel PROIETTO

Guitar: Pepe MAYA “MAROTE”
Kante: Manuel de la MALENA

Text:Andrew WALE
Set design: Åsmund FÆRAVAAG, Andy CAVATORTA
Light design: Martin FLACK,
Sound design: Gunnar INNVÆR

Nihon Buyo instruction Soke Fujima ryu Shihan FUJIMA Aya
            Soke Fujima ryu Shihan FUJIMA Akane

Subtitle translation: IKEGAMI Yuiko
Production: Winter Guests

SPAC staff
Stage manager: MURAMATSU Atsushi
Stage: SATO Yosuke, FURUYA Kazumi, HIRAO Saki
Lighting: HIGUCHI Masayuki, HANAWA Yuki, HISAMATSU Yuka, TAKII Momoko
Sound: YAMASAKI Tomomi, KATO Hisanao, SAWADA Yukino
Wardrobe: KOMAI Yumiko, KAWAI Reiko
Interpretation: AISO Nobuko
Subtitle operation: KANAMORI Sayuri
Production: KEIMI Aoi, NISHIMURA Ai
Volunteers: MASUI Noriyo, HAGIWARA Nana

Technical director: MURAMATSU Atsushi
Lighting manager: HIGUCHI Masayuki
Sound manager: KATO Hisanao

Special Support: Norwegian Embassy in Tokyo
Under the auspices of Embassy of Spain in TOKIO
Cooperacion Espanola

Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2018  文化庁 beyond2020

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