© Luca Del Pia

Program Information

Genre / City Theatre / Modena
Dates 5 May at 13:00, 6 May at 13:00
Venue At Shizuoka Arts Theatre
Duration 100 minutes
Language In Italian with Japanese and English subtitles
seat Reserved seating
Directed by Pippo DELBONO
Production Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione
© Luca Del Pia
© Luca Del Pia
© Luca Del Pia


This “Joy” points to the long and winding journey of life.

Pippo DELBONO has had great success worldwide as an actor, director and writer in theatre and the movies. However, he says this play presents the fruits of his life with his own theatre company, the Compagnia Pippo DELBONO, most of whose members — including a former refugee and some with mental and physical handicaps — have worked with him for more than 20 years. As a result, “Joy” is undoubtedly one of this 59-year-old Italian’s most important works, since it is in effect a compilation of his career as an artist. An unseen voice reading poems echoes round the empty stage on which mysterious people appear along with the main actor, DELBONO himself. A lively circus parade arrives as well; splendid flower arrangements by the acclaimed Belgian florist Thierry BOUTEMY fill the stage; until — in the last scene — placid lighting gradually eases the crazed soul of that lonely leading man. Altogether, through an unfolding series of colorful images reminiscent of the great Italian film director Federico FELLINI’s fantasy world, the audiences’ hearts are filled with warm feelings. By the end, too, all the flowers on stage seem to be blossoming with happiness as well.


A man waters a flower, then the flowers spread and become a bed of blooms. Another man starts to talk about his old friends, his loneliness, and how he goes mad in the dark. Lots of clothes are piled up on the stage, where little paper ships are also lined up. As lights flash on and off, a woman dances non-stop and a man screams for joy. Before long, peaceful lighting takes over and flowers start to blossom.

Director’s Profile

Born in 1959, in Varazze (Italy). Author, actor, and director. He begins training in traditional theatre, then, in Denmark, he studies the principles of oriental theatre, through a rigorous work on body and voice. Later, in Germany, he’s invited by Pina BAUSCH to follow her work. At the beginning of the 80’s he founds the Compagnia Pippo Delbono, creating most of his works with them, from “Il Tempo degli Assassini” (1987) to “La Gioia” (2018). He does not stage plays but, rather, total creations, devised with a stable group of actors whose number has grown through the years. The encounter with socially marginalized people determines a turning point in his poetical research: that’s how “Barboni” (1997) was born. Some of these actors have kept working with the company and are still a central part of this experience. Beside theatre performances, DELBONO has developed his research also into music, creating some concerts with extraordinary musicians (“Amore e cane”, “Il Sangue”, “Bestemmia d’amore” and “La notte”), and into cinema, both as director and as actor. The works have been performed worldwide in more than fifty countries, in theatres and festivals, including the Festival d’Avignon, Festwochen in Wien, Venice Biennale, etc. Several theatres, including the Théâtre du Rond-Point in Paris, have shown retrospectives of his work and co-produced his creations in the past years.


◎Pre-performance talk: Starting 25 minutes before each performance
◎Post-performance talk by the artists: 6 May

Cast / Staff

Directed and conceived by Pippo DELBONO
Floreal composition: Thierry BOUTEMY
Music: Pippo DELBONO, Antoine BATAILLE, Nicola TOSCANO and Various Artists

Performed by

and with Bobò’s voice

Light designer: Orlando BOLOGNESI
Sound: Pietro TIRELLA
Costumes: Elena GIAMPAOLI
Set and Props: Gianluca BOLLA
Production Manager: Alessandra VINANTI
Organization: Silvia CASSANELLI
Technical Manager: Fabio SAJIZ
Special thanks: Enrico BAGNOLI, Jean Michel RIBES, Thierry BOUTEMY’s assistant Alessia GUIDOBONI, Théâtre de Liège for costumes

Production: Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione
Co-production: Théâtre de Liège Théâtre de Liège, Le Manège Maubeuge – Scène Nationale Le Manege Maubeuge – Scene Nationale

<SPAC Staff>
Stage manager: MURAMATSU Atsushi, UCHINO Akiko
Lighting: HIGUCHI Masayuki, HISAMATSU Yuka, HANAWA Yuuki, SHIMADA Chihiro
Sound: MIGITA Soichiro, MAKI Daisuke
Wardrobe: TAKAHASHI Kayako
Interpretation: ISHIKAWA Wakae
Subtitle translation: KOGA Hiroshi
Production: NAKAO Eiji, IRIE Kyohei, OTAGAKI Yu
Volunteers: YASOHAMA Kikuko

Technical director: MURAMATSU Atsushi
Lighting manager: HIGUCHI Masayuki
Sound manager: MIGITA Soichiro

Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan


●This production contains strobe light effects and smoking scenes.

●Shizuoka Arts Theatre has a special room with seats for three adults with pre-school children. To see a performance from there, please contact our ticket center* to make a reservation.
*For your request mail to with following information;
title: RSV special room

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