Homestay Project “nedoco”


Experience the real Shizuoka and its people through this accommodation project that takes its name from a Japanese word for “sleeping place.”
Following the previous success of this initiative, festival visitors will again be able to stay over several days at public halls and temples in the area, where they can enjoy meeting local residents and learning about their lives as well as talking with fellow guests about plays and other events in the festival.
As a result, participants can not only exchange their views on artistic matters, but also immerse themselves in the beautiful local scenery and the culture of Shizuoka, in what promises to offer an unforgettable perspective unlike anything experienced by people visiting on a day trip.

Scheduled Nedoco project venues and dates:

●Accommodation in a mountainous area of Umegashima (1 May)
●Overnight in an old temple at Tokeiin (3 May)
●A stay in the famous cultural and shopping town of Kusanagi (3 May)
●Guests of a temple in central Kyogakuji (4 May)
●A bed in the hillside area of Ikeda — with a view of Mt. Fuji (7 May)

Reservation open on 27 February, and the cost is ¥3,000 per person per night (to cover meals).

This project is organized by Shizuoka Orchestra

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