Ticket Sales Status (April 26th) World Theatre Festival Shizuoka 2024/Open-air Performing Arts Festival Shizuoka 2024 “THE WHITE FOX”

The ticket sales status for “World Theatre Festival Shizuoka 2024” and “Open-air Performing Arts Festival Shizuoka 2024“THE WHITE FOX” will be announced on this page.

<Planned number of tickets sold out>
◆27 April, 28 April, 29 April “The Kitchen of Click-Clack Mountain” 
◆27 April, 28 April, 29 April “The Ballad of Narayama”
◆5 May “MAMI WATTA” 
◆3 May, 4 May, 5 May, 6 May “The Seagull” 
◆3 May, 4 May, 5 May “THE WHITE FOX” 
◆4 May “Parade and Lemonade” 

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