SPAC suspends ticket sales for invited foreign programs due to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the environment of the performing arts world. However, SPAC is in close contact with overseas artists invited to its World Theatre Festival Shizuoka 2020, and is doing everything possible to ensure the festival goes ahead.

Meanwhile, we are deeply grateful for all the encouragement and support we are receiving from so many people both in Japan and beyond.

Despite this, in view of the government’s March 18 announcement imposing immigration restrictions on visitors from Europe, we need to carefully consider artists’ programs and make any necessary adjustments.

As such, we are temporarily suspending ticket sales for the following productions: “Birds of a Kind”; “Ma Colombine”; “The Lingering Now – O agora que demora – Our Odyssey II”; “Love Triumphant”; and “OUTSIDE.”

Please check our website at and/or our Facebook or Twitter pages for the latest information.

At present, we plan to present “Mary Poppins with her Upside-down Umbrella” and “Antigone” as scheduled, with precautionary measures in place to avoid contagion. Consequently, tickets for both these remain on sale.

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